#Balloon Fiesta Goes Viral and Engages Audiences Across the World

Challenge: Even though the nine-day annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta benefits from a robust online, digital and social media presence, The Garrity Group saw an opportunity to increase the awareness nationally of Albuquerque’s signature event. For the 48th event in 2018, The Garrity Group set out to increase digital media followers and reach on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, increase website traffic to BalloonFiesta.com, improve virality by increasing impressions and establish new and creative ways of engaging online audiences. The Balloon Fiesta was one of the firm’s first clients when The Garrity Group opened its doors in 1997.

Solution: The Garrity Group integrated media relations and email marketing content into the yearly content, featuring stories and photos that gave Balloon Fiesta followers an inside look into the event. Key social media influencers, who have large followings and extend Balloon Fiesta’s reach, and online bloggers were invited to participate in the event and were treated with exclusive media access. By granting these key influences and bloggers special media access, The Garrity Group shared captivating videos and images with the larger Balloon Fiesta social media community and enhanced the social experience for all Balloon Fiesta guests and media.

Results: Balloon Fiesta’s social media strategy performed exceptionally well, including:

  • The Garrity Group improved Balloon Fiesta’s virality by increasing reach by 2,047% on Facebook and 2,061% on Twitter
  • Preparation for the 48th event increased followers by 229% on Instagram