Media Relations Contractor

Dick’s role providing insight and counsel as a part of our New Mexico media relations team stems from his five decades of experience as the most trusted news anchor. Knipfing started his TV career in 1961 at KGGM, which later became KRQE. He was just a junior at the University of New Mexico at the time. Knipfing shot film, he reported, and then he found the anchor chair. Knipfing quickly learned to maneuver amidst tight deadlines and unrelenting stress. He thrived in the TV business. In 51 years, his work ethic made him a catch for each of the three Albuquerque TV stations. “I’ve never known anyone who’s stayed in one profession for 51 years,” said Jim Baca, who worked in journalism with Knipfing before getting elected mayor of Albuquerque. “I think it showed how much he really loved that business, and we’re going to miss that.”